Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Killtodress is a blogshop dedicated to fashionistas and t-shirt lovers out there who is seeking vintage/rare/unique/collector/hard to find item without having to leave their 'empuk' seat to find it.Founded in January 09,our bussiness focus lies solely on 2nd hand/preloved item (kira barang 'bundle' la),but we also have plans (angan-angan) to produce our own clothing line under the name of Killtodress (tengah cari modal...tungguuuu).

All the item that we sold here are undeniably genuine merchandise ( sori...bukan siam bukan china eh!) and we also assure that all the item that we sold here are in weareble condition (lusuh sikit biasalah...bundle beb!).

Last word,with Killtodress,we hope that you can finnaly find your dream t-shirt (atau bende-bende lain la) and we will
continue to strive for excellence in our services to bring you more good quality item.

Peace,Love and Rock&Roll


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